Waves A Meditation In sound Audio CD


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Waves A Meditation In sound Audio CD

CD Description

When creating this recording, Chris worked in the classical Indian music tradition of performing each of the four pieces at the time of day he intended them to be used. However, as Chris would be the first to point out, we are all unique individuals and as such should feel free to listen to any of the tracks at any time of the day, whenever suits YOU!

  1. Morning Meditation……….Between 6am – 8am
  2. Midday Meditation……….Between 12noon – 2pm
  3. Late afternoon Meditation……….Between 4pm – 6pm
  4. Evening Meditation……….Between 8pm – 10pm

 About the Artist

Chris Burrows was born in St. Albans, England in 1948. He began studying Buddhism in 1969 whilst working in London as a successful jazz/rock drummer. He studied with accomplished spiritual teachers in Nepal, India, America and Europe and was ordained as a Zen Monk in 1983. He now conducts his own workshops including “Percussive Well-being” and “Change Your Life”.


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