Spells to Get Ahead Pack: All the Magic You Could Possibly Need By Deborah Grey


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Spells to Get Ahead Pack: All the Magic You Could Possibly Need By Deborah Grey

Be gorgeous, be rich, be avenged, be a winner! The ambitious girl leaves no stone unturned when it comes to getting ahead…and a little old-fashioned magic can only do you good. Here’s all the enchantment you could possibly need, in one handy spells pack. Think of it as a fairy godmother in a box, about to make your dreams come true. Just follow the simple instructions and the portfolio of potent and effective spells for every circumstance. A cute starter pack contains small pouches and phials to add power to your charms, plus a special crystal for strength. Want to get back at that cad who dumped you? Hit him with a hex that will cut into his fun–and don’t worry, it won’t cause any real, permanent damage. Do you deserve a promotion at work? With this “professional help” your office mates will soon be begging for your input. From sweet love to piles of money, you’ll get exactly what you want-and the cruel, cold world will become just a little easier.

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