Drum Workshop: by Chris Puleston Audio CD




Drum Workshop: by Chris Puleston Audio CD

Product Description
Top drum workshop teacher Chris Puleston invites listeners to participate in their own home drum workshop. Focussing on the popular djembe drum, Chris incorporates easy exercises and techniques for beginners and more advanced students. Drum Workshop also contains detailed sleeve notes by Chris Puleston.
About the Artist
Chris Puleston, a very gifted and talented drummer and percussionist, has a house full of exotic percussion and every part of his being seems to exist to create rhythm. Chris has studied Indian music and been involved in many musical projects. A multi-talented percussionist, Chris was exposed to his chosen profession from an early age. His father was a Jazz and Dance Hall drummer through the 1940 s and 50 s, and taught Chris hand percussion and kit drumming from the age of four. By the time Chris was fourteen, he was studying classical percussion, and playing in both orchestral ensembles, and rock cover bands. For the past twenty-five years, Chris has played in a staggering number of ensembles, playing incredibly varied musical styles. These include rock cover bands, spacey rock synthesiser music, blues funk, experimental and improvisational Jazz, and Bee Bop, to name just a few.



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