Beautiful Tibetan Buddhist Hand Bells on leather cord; 62mm diameter


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Beautiful Tibetan Buddhist Hand Bells on leather cord

The hand bells  hang on leather cord.
The undersides of the Tingsha are inscribed with the three sacred Tibetan syllables Om A Hum. The three syllables are engraved in an anticlockwise sequence, and they represent the three aspects of enlightened body (Om), speech (A) and mind (Hum). These correspond to the spiritual concept of purity in deed (body), word (speech) and thought (mind). The syllables also represent the three ‘divine bodies of a Buddha’.
You can use your Tibetan Tingsha Bells for Space Clearing, personal energy clearing, clearing the mind, meditation, and healing work. They will clear the energy of a room, if used for space clearing, or the energy of a person, if used as part of healing work such as Reiki, Massage, Hypnosis, Acupuncture, or Counselling.


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