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Authenticity Of Products

4 / 100

When most of the world was in lockdown I had a strange thing happen to my business on eBay I sold lots of packs of oracle cards, I am not complaining about this infect it was very helpful to keep a bit of money coming in, as I am an Holistic Therapist so have not been able to work for a lot of the year. I will now get back to the subject of this post when China opened back up my sales fell off a cliff went back to normal I decided to look into what was happening only to find a whole lot of fake Oracle cards and Tarot cards being sold on eBay and Amazon. I did inform eBay of the matter they said that they would look into the matter but its still happening. I suppose it doesn’t really matter that this is happening in the grand scale of things but thinking more into this is the ink that is being used safe who knows.

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